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  • 中考英语作文:快餐


    People all over the world like to eat in fast food restaurants. the food there is delicious and it comes very quickly. also, it is not too expensive, and the restaurants are always clean and bright. people can eat in or take their food away.

    Chinese families love to eat in fast food restaurants, too. there are two kinds of fast food restaurants in china. there are western fast food restaurants, and there are chinese ones. western fast food restaurants sell hamburgers, fresh fries, fried chicken legs, chicken nuggets, drinks and so on. the chinese fast food restaurants sell dumplings, noodles, spring rolls, and other chinese snacks.

    My family likes fast food, but we don’t eat at western fast food restaurants very often. my mum says some fast food is bad for us. it is usually high in fat, so it is not good for our health.

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