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  • 英语作文参考带翻译-冬天的风在吹英文


    Red vicissitudes, years leisurely. Life on the road is taking a long time, who will feel tired! Moreover, there will be this or that kind of trouble and pain. Experience the cycle of seasons, experience the worldly transformation, almost everyone can not escape, since it can not escape, then calm in the face, calmly accepted.

    There is no perfect thing, and then there are also extraordinary species is famous label, and then nasty season have to be proud of the capital, another ugly creatures also have the benefit of all beings Tips. The same is true in life, no matter how experienced the ups and downs and hardships, no matter how cruel and merciless life, watching open, bearish, everything also relieved, to see how you understand life, how to look at life.

    Those days on the middle shift, is still the same as in hibernating creatures, from the beginning of the day at noon, no spirit, no energy, just doing their own inertia should do the job. Forgot to speak, forget the sentiment, forget their heart is still, forget the winter is past, forget the winter wind blowing is quietly coming spring, which was decadent own twenty days had finished, now turn to the day shift, and life should be back on track all begin to take.

    Life on the road who can not avoid injuries, life is like the moon, profit and loss cycle, if the simple understanding of life as a request, or that lucky, so is a neglect of the meaning of life, life is precisely the thick retain their purity of heart or is understood to be tolerant, the crossroads of life go, tangled heart will subside, not to let people like ice, the most pleasant is that spring.

    We use an objective understanding of life, life is never flat too, through rain and wind to go, this is the earth, the light of the sour sweet salty, and had a heart imbalance sad, living the daily life, not change anything Only have a most insipid attitude, how to live life? A little wide, and a little.

    Do not take life so strange to live this jjourney, I am sorry for the people around him, because of his personality and emotions, seeing colleagues did not take the initiative to say hello, please forgive my solitary provision, the winter wind to spring and warm sun, I willing to work hard to change yourself. Whenever the dead of night, recalled his own experience all day, like a breath of wind lashed himself. Winter wind blowing, blowing more sober.

    Life is so extraordinary was no longer ordinary, extraordinary experience, feel ordinary, just as a tree leaf, after extracting new green, when falling, totally can not help themselves, the only thing we can stick to that, after falling quietly into the mud disabilities, wait the next spring, and then pull out the new green.

    Time to push the age to go, ordinary days, but the time to push away, the winter wind is blowing, the winter has passed, can not change the fact that the advent of spring, the day flash, flash a year, as the years goes by like water, yesterday in increments tomorrow at decreasing life until yesterday reached the highest value, while the zero tomorrow.

    Life is so ordinary, extraordinary winter was like this blow.










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