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  • 英语作文:中国的节日


    中国的'节日(Festival in china)

    There are lots of festivals in China. Look at this picture. This is Dragon Boat race. It’s in Jimei. There are lots of people on the boat .We eat zongzi. It’s very nice . This is Mid-Autumn Festival. We sing moon songs and we make moon cakes. We eat moon cake ,it’s very nice .After, we watch TV and have a big family dinner. Then we play “Bobing” games. Look at this one. This is Spring Festival. In the morning, we clean our house. We wear new clothes, and we visit our grandparents. And we say “Happy New Year” to everyone. At night, we have a big dinner.We watch TV . This is Lantern Festival. In the morning, we clean our house, too. And we go to buy lots of lanterns. At night, we eat yuanxiao and watch TV. We play lanterns games and go to see dragon dance. Dragon dance is very famous and beautiful. We like these festivals very much.,

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